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Arrest Warrants and Bench Warrants

Arrest warrants and bench warrants are orders that have been issued by a judge or a court. They may be either federal or state warrants. An arrest warrant is a document that orders the arrest and confinement of an individual. It is usually issued when the police suspect the person had committed a crime, or after someone has been indicted by a Grand Jury. Usually the person does not know that an arrest warrant has been issued. He finds out about it at the time of the arrest.

The most common kind of warrant in Florida is a bench warrant. It orders the immediate arrest of an individual, usually for failing to appear in court on a specified date. If an arrest warrant has been issued and police have come to arrest you, do not make any statements to them, as what you say can and will be used against you.

It is crucial that you talk with an Ocala criminal defense attorney right away. Your lawyer will immediately protect your rights and make it extremely difficult for police to extract information from you. As soon as learn that there is a bench warrant out for you, it is imperative that you appear in court with your attorney.

Why should you hire an experienced warrants attorney?

You should hire a seasoned attorney from Kinsell Law Firm because:

  • He has represented clients with outstanding warrants many times, so he will bring any needed information to the court to get the warrant issue resolved quickly
  • There is good likelihood that he will be able to have the warrant cancelled so that you will not be taken into custody
  • He will fight to have you released on your own recognizance without the need to post bail
  • If the warrant cannot be cancelled, he can arrange for you to surrender to the court and have bail posted so you do not have to stay in jail overnight
  • He will defend you against the charges in the warrant and fight for the best possible outcome to your case

Contact an Ocala warrants attorney today to be your advocate if a warrant has been issued for your arrest.

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