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Probation Violations in Florida

When you violate probation or parole (known as Controlled Release in Florida) the consequences are often more severe than is generally understood. If you have been accused of violating probation or parole you should contact an Ocala criminal defense lawyer quickly so that the matter can be properly taken care of before any punishment can be handed down by the court.

According to Florida statutes if at any time during your probation or parole there are reasonable grounds to believe that a violation took place, any law enforcement officer who is aware of the alleged violation may cause you to be placed under arrest. This arrest can occur quickly and be done without a warrant. In our Kinsell Law Firm we know that you may not fully understand the laws regarding probation or parole violations and what your duties are.

We feel it is our job to provide you with the correct information and if a violation has occurred to provide you with the best possible legal solutions to the problem.

While probation and parole are similar there are differences that you should know both to prevent violations and to successfully defend any alleged violations. Parole occurs when someone has been released from prison after serving a portion of his or her sentence. You must report regularly to your parole officer on several matters of interest to law enforcement.

Probation is when an individual is free from prison, having been given probation as their sentence in lieu of being sent to jail. The person is placed under close supervision by the state to see that you are not violating any laws, are doing well in life and are meeting certain conditions of your probation period such as having a place to live and a job. Both probation and parole violations are treated very seriously and can be punished severely.

Consequences and What You Need to Know

If you have been charged with a probation violation there is only one major issue the judge is going to look at. That issue is whether or not what you did or failed to do constitute a violation. It does not matter if you took a plea to the original crime or not, you will have to face the identical punishment you would have received originally when you were accused of the crime. A violation of probation or parole often ends up in imprisonment.

If the original crime you were accused of had a three year sentence attached to it then your probation violation can cause you to serve a three year term in prison. In the case of a parole violation you may have to serve the remainder of the time that you didn't serve when you were released from prison. If a violation has been alleged then you will have to face a judge only and not a jury of your peers.

Violations of probation or parole can be handled swiftly and severely by law enforcement officials. The results to you and to your loved ones can be disastrous. A violation of probation or parole is not always clear cut and the result of a violation is not always set in stone. With the help of one of our experienced lawyers you may be able to take care of the situation in way that is not painful to both you and your loved ones.

Contact a Ocala Probation Violations Attorney if you need experienced and knowledge assistance on any matters dealing with probation or parole violations.

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