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What is manslaughter?

At Kinsell Law Firm, we feel it is important that you understand the criminal charges against you and what the consequences of them may be. Murder and manslaughter are related but separate criminal charges. Like murder, manslaughter is a legal term meaning the killing of another human being but in a way that is thought of as less criminally culpable than murder. The key difference between manslaughter and murder is that a person who has been accused of manslaughter is not considered to have acted with the prior intent to kill another human being.

Although manslaughter is thought of as a lesser crime than murder, it is not viewed as a justifiable or excusable killing and still carries with it stiff penalties. A competent and experienced Ocala criminal defense lawyer may be able to greatly assist you in the successful preparation for and defense of any manslaughter charges against you.

There are two major types of manslaughter charges that usually carry different penalties. Voluntary manslaughter is when there is an intentional killing but it was not premeditated and there may be circumstances in which the person charged with manslaughter was provoked. At times a murder charge can be reduced to manslaughter depending on the circumstances and the ability of the criminal defense lawyer to properly defend you.

Involuntary manslaughter is an incident in which a person is unlawfully killed but without the person charged having had any intention to kill. With a reduction in charge from murder, to voluntary manslaughter, to involuntary manslaughter the penalties can decrease. In our law firm we pride ourselves in being able to properly investigate and present defenses for the charges against you to secure the best possible outcome.

Consequences of Conviction

Manslaughter of any type is traditionally punished by imprisonment. The exact length of the sentence depends on the type of manslaughter and other factors. In the State of Florida you may be incarcerated in a state prison for up to 15 years. In some cases, manslaughter can be a first degree felony which has a maximum sentence of up to 30 years in a Florida state prison. Being charged with manslaughter and the proper defense of your case can affect your life and the lives of those around you for many years to come.

You need aggressive and competent legal assistance on your side to successfully defend against any manslaughter charges.

There are many workable defenses to manslaughter charges depending on the circumstances of your case. They all entail thorough investigation of the circumstances of the incident and the evidence and witnesses that are being used in your case. Manslaughter charges can quickly become complex and spiral out of control if not properly managed. With the stakes so high we feel it is in your best interests to secure trained legal counsel who strives to give you the best defenses the law allows.

Contact an Ocala manslaughter defense attorney if you are facing manslaughter charges and desire experienced and knowledgeable legal defense on your side.

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