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When facing criminal charges, the firm you choose to defend your rights can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Your freedom and future are at stake, so selecting the right Ocala criminal defense attorney is essential. At Kinsell Law Firm, we pride ourselves on being available to our clients when they need us. We value your decision to use our firm to safeguard your rights and will treat you with respect and complete confidentiality. By providing you with personal attention, we can begin to discuss the facts of your case in order to obtain a full understanding of the situation. Our legal team will then develop legal strategies to use that will benefit your case.

Being arrested and falling into the criminal justice system can be a frightening situation. Having a reputable and talented legal team by your side will go far towards alleviating that fear. Our firm is committed to making your defense as strong as possible through thorough research and investigation of the facts of the arrest and charges. Having an extensive background in criminal law, our firm provides you with former state prosecutors who know the system and what to look for when establishing your defense.

"A major part of being a successful defense attorney

is knowing how to recognize the weaknesses in the State's case against your client. As a former prosecutor, I ask myself, 'Could I convict this person, and would I do it?' If you know how to successfully prosecute a case, you can then recognize the area or areas that are vulnerable to an attack."

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As our firm has experience in every area of criminal law, we can defend virtually every type of criminal case. If you have been accused of a violent crime like assault & battery, domestic violence, kidnapping, manslaughter, or murder, it is highly recommended that you speak with a legal professional as soon as possible. As these crimes are serious in nature and carry harsh penalties, a strong advocate could be an invaluable asset to you and your family.

White collar crimes usually involve some type of theft but are committed within a business environment by a person in a place of trust. If you already were convicted of a crime, there are two options available to you. First, you could appeal your case in a higher court and fight to clear your name. Second, you could find out if you qualify for an expungement. If you do, you could get your record sealed so that it is no longer available to the public.

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A conviction of a criminal charge can drastically affect your life in many negative ways. Depending on the charges, you could face extensive fines and jail or prison sentences ranging from months, years, and even life in prison. It is important to remember that Florida prosecutors are very tough on crime and vigorously seek out a conviction.

Protect yourself with a criminal defense lawyer who has had the experience you need to challenge evidence, negotiate with prosecutors, or take your case to trial as necessary. Our unique experience as former prosecutors allows us to locate any weaknesses in the prosecution's case and use it to your advantage. Contact us to discuss your options today.

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